Well, time for a rest.
Our clubhouse (it's 'moadon' in Hebrew) is cute but ... we just started building it!
The truth is that we don't even know how many rooms we're going to need
in the moadon or what all the rooms will be used for.
We don't know how many people are going to join, and how often they'll show up.
We want to have a chat room, a media room, and all kinds of other things.
The architect hasn't given us the specs ... or the full plans!

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  • We haven't decided on a name (we're thinking of "rachel's roost"). You have any ideas?

    But we got the space for the moadon (clubhouse), so we started building. As time goes on we'll build some more rooms. And maybe we'll move some walls around, change the interior design, maybe even add new wings to the building.

    PLEASE help us in the plans.
    If you tell us what you want, it'll help us build the moadon so that it's
    a comfy place.
    So PLEASE, describe exactly what you think and feel.


    Here's a list of all the activities:
    1. Sign here - about your names.
    2. Home sweet home - about your neighborhood.
    3. Ilanot - about your genealogy.
    4. For the record - interviewing people.
    5. Raiders - finding heirlooms.
    6. Ben-Yehudah - Hebrew words.
    7. Just in time - under construction.
    8. What a megilah - writing Hebrew letters.
    9. Have some more; it's good for you - Shabbat meal and challah.
    10. Do I have a story for you - talking to people in your community.
    11. Pressing engagement - your name on a T-shirt.
    12. Estherville - photographing your community.

    First, in the table below please check off what you thought of the activity. Really important is why you thought it was fantastic, good or 'don't waste my time'.

    [It's usually hard to say in words why you feel something. It helps to think and write about specific things: "I really liked Sign here because I sometimes thought about my name and wanted to find out more about it and this gave me some good ideas about what to ask." Or: "I thought Sign here was boring because ... who cares? And anyway there were too many questions."]

    Activity great OK Boring Why?
    Sign here
    Home sweet home
    For the Record
    Just in time
    What a megilla
    Have some more ...
    Do I have ...
    And now's the time to 'write more home'.

  • Are there activities which you would have liked to do but couldn't understand (maybe we wrote it wrong!), were too complicated, took too much time and organization, or you just couldn't get into?

  • Are there activities you'd like to see in the moadon? Or, what 'rooms' would you add?

  • Do you want to know about people your age who live in other countries (Argentina, Israel, Sweden)?

  • Would you want to chat with them (how's your Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish)?

  • Would you want to know about people your age who lived many years ago in places far, far away?

  • Which are the three websites you enjoy most? Why?
  • Would you like to read more about Rachel and her family? Was there anyone in the story
    you really liked or felt close to?

  • Do you think you'll come back to the moadon?

           See ya (l'hitraot).


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