Searching for old things around your house is almost like
an archeological expedition: you know that there are ‘buried treasures’,
you just have to find them!

Like Alex, Ruti, Doc-Kewl and Lindsay, you’ll find “old stuff.”
Alot of it will be honest to goodness junk.
Other things will have more value because they’ll remind you or members
of your family about things in your past. You may laugh at some things
and cry about others.

Many things you find will probably be a mystery and you’ll have to ask
about them. You may find old boat (‘steamship’) or train tickets.
If you do there are great stories behind them. Old pictures are really great,
because you’ll see people the way they looked millions of years ago
and other people who you don’t know at all. Each picture’s got a story.

And some things are bound to be real heirlooms: items which have been
in the family for many, many years: handed down from one generation to the next.
These are really valuable.

Just try to be organized: use the form below or create a special
data base on your computer.

Room Description of item Where from When from Story

1. Room - in what room is the item?

2. Description of item - try doing this in some detail.
For example, there’s a huge difference between saying “A watch”
and saying “A Gruen watch, 18 carat gold, on the back it says,
‘For you, from me’.”
You get the idea.

3. Where from - in the story, Alex finds a book from Vilna and a picture
from London; Ruti finds copper dishes from Morocco.

4. When from - some things have dates on them. Books almost always do.
Doc-Kewl found 3-D pictures of Munich from 1923.

5. Story - by the end of r u rachel? you’ll know exactly what this means.


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