Anyone who knows anything about a computer knows what “scrolling” is....
The oldest and most treasured object to Jews is a scroll - the Torah scroll.
It’s made up of many pieces of parchment sewn together and then rolled up.
On the parchment is written the first five books of the Bible.
The text is hand-written by a professional calligrapher called a
“sofer” (a scribe), who uses a special quill and special ink.
The ‘technology’ is very ancient; the technique demands great skill.

You can begin by trying to copy some of the letters below.
It’s probably best if you get an Osmiroid pen with “B” series nibs,
although you can also use other kinds.
If you use the Osmiroid make sure you also use nonwaterproof ink.

Here are some letters so you can begin.

If you want more detailed information about Hebrew calligraphy a great
starting place is in the (first) Jewish Catalog, pp. 184 - 209.
Check for it in your synagogue library or get one in the synagogue or
community center bookstore.


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