When you click on the tree:
you’ll be able to download a program which will help you keep track of
your family ‘tree’.
You’ll be able to write in the names of all the people in your family
(even those people you wanted to forget).
If you have the right equipment you’ll also be able to store video clips,
sound clips, photos, etc. Imagine: you’ll have a permanent
record of your dog (and her six pups?!). Just joking.

What’s Genealogy? OK: back to the future.

Let’s say the year is 2015.
· You’re 26 years old and you got married last year (difficult to imagine).
· You’ve just had your first child (even more difficult to imagine!).
· Your parents come over to the hospital.
· You’re holding the baby.
· Your parents and you are looking at the baby.
· A nurse takes a snapshot.

That’s a picture of three generations. You are now the proud
second generation; your baby is now the third generation;
your parents are the first. Simple.

Until today your parents were the second generation: you were
the third one and your grandparents were the first.

If your drew a kind of map of these generations of people,
you’d have a GENEALOGY, which is a record of ancestors and descendants.
All of us have ancestors and most of us will have descendants.
Often this record looks like a tree because you are a sort of twig (sorry);
your cousins are other twigs; your parents are a branch;
your grandparents are the trunk; and your great-grandparents are the roots.

Ask me if I’m a tree.
“Are you a tree?”

Click the tree!


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